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Thank you for taking the time and interest to learn more about me. 

I’m JJ, The CEO, and Founder of We Excel. 

I have an extensive background which began with me working at a youth club at the age of 14.

By the age of 18, I worked alongside a charity supporting a school in West Africa, raising funds to keep the school open, buy equipment and pay teacher salaries. 

In my twenties I worked in the youth department at my church, arranging events, supporting the Youth Directors.

In my later years, I was a trustee on a National Youth Charity, Co-founder. of another youth Organisation, Creator of the Black Boys in Business Programme, and certified in youth work. 

Currently, I am Head of Teacher Learning & Development and Board Member, at the same school I supported since the age of 18, It’s called, Nyame Bekyere Christian School, Ghana.

Working with youth has been a prominent part of my life. 

But with my experience and certifications, the thing which fuels me more that anything is my sheer passion and belief in the importance of our youth. 

My qualifications are vast, with a BA Hons in Criminal Justice & Criminology and Law LLB, I have numerous Certifications as I believe in the power of education. I love to learn and level up in life.


With my professional background spanning over 16 years in the legal industry, managing Revenue for Global Law Firms based in the UK, Middle East Asia, I was often the only person who looked like me. I spent much of my career being the only or one of a few. 

It can be lonely and caused doubt and imposter syndrome, being in an environment where you clearly are outnumbered and often not protected.

This sparked within me the desire to make a difference and to change the not only the narrative, but the landscape of UK Industry.

After spending many years in my career trying not to stand out more than I already did, I moved to a place where I used my differences as my superpower, and being visible was my strength. I deliver transformational change in a variety of contexts that align with my commitment to youth mentoring, developing vital life skills, and creating access that supports and evokes youth equality.

After leaving the legal industry, I forged my career as an entrepreneur, setting up a Coaching & Consulting Company, a Virtual Coaching and Training platform for women, and now, We Exel, for Black Youth.

You might see a pattern here…

My work shows my dedication and commitment to changing the existing status quo where black youth and women face increased discrimination and injustice. I intend to make a positive impact on the reduction of the Ethnicity and Gender Pay Gaps that exist within the UK.

As someone who seeks to empower, I use my strength to focus on these groups as both encapsulate my personal experiences and journey to where I am today.

Other places you can find me and my work

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My Favorite Quote is;

I never Lose, I either WIN OR LEARN

Nelson Mandela

Find Your Purpose Free Workbook

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Even in the unlikeliest of places,


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