Find Your Purpose Free Workbook

This workbook accompanies an interactive youth workshop hosted by JJ, use the form below to book the workshop for your youth group.

Who Are WE?

We are a Community Interest Company, a non-profit organisation that accepts a responsibility to create and hold space to improve the wellbeing of young people academically, socially, emotionally and financially to show a reflection of Black Excellence.

We do this by creating and implementing dynamic and transformative programmes and training both online and in-person along with being available to coach and direct our young, sharing our experiences and expertise to guide them to successful development opportunities and reflect Black Excellence in leadership.

Our Mission

It takes a village!

Our mission is to provide richly experienced professionals to Engage, Equip & Empower, today’s generation of Black Youth across the African Diaspora. 

Attitudes are changing and so are careers.  

Our vision is to elevate our young, so they are uniquely positioned to make a positive shift in the levels of underrepresentation in UK Business, Entrepreneurship, and Corporate Industries.

We aim to increase opportunities for Melanated Excellence to exist across industries where it is currently scarce. Why?

Because Representation Matters!

Bridging The Gap

Our focus is to create solutions that serve families and communities as we widen the pool of local role models and mentors with varying levels of experience and education.

Also, working alongside organisations where underrepresentation is still creating an economic and social divide.


Providing support such as:

  • Employability Workshops
  • CV Clinics
  • Entrepreneur Skill Discovery
  • Finding Your Purpose 
  • Navigating Fear & Developing Confidence

The Future Belongs To Those Who Prepare For It today!

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